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An Aesthetician's Guide to Relaxation

Life is busy! We work more and relax less. It’s easy to forget to take a step back and just breath. Here is a list of small things I do to relax, recharge and rejuvenate in a world that seems to move at light speed:

1. Facial therapy is an ideal way to relax your facial muscles. Tight muscles in the face lead to headaches, stress lines and wrinkles, and increase your level of stress. Try our NEW Luxury Lifting Facial!

2. Book a Massage. Let the professionals melt away the tension you’ve been carrying around.

3. Grab a good book and indulge in “me time.”

4. Take a break from your mobile device. Though I love being connected, taking a break from news alerts and social media for a few minutes a day is refreshing. Unplugging helps you refocus on your daily mission and give you the opportunity to disengage from the chatter that distracts and causes stress.

5. Smile! Smiling has been proven to impact your brain and improve your mood. It helps bring positive energy into your atmosphere.

By: Kristy Bradley


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