Our Signature facial combines the best evidence-based skin care products and protocols to deliver results. We use mild electrotherapy (Galvanic current) combined with plant-based active ingredients to deeply cleanse, remove congestion and hydrate the skin. The treatment’s oxygenation increases circulation, energizing facial skin cells and encouraging the elimination of toxins. Extractions are performed as needed. A lifting massage with essential oils is performed on the face, neck and upper chest to increase lymph drainage, improve muscle tone and contours, and relax facial tension. A customized masque created with plant concentrates will address your skin’s specific condition(s). 60 minutes | $125



A most relaxing experience, this is luxurious spa pampering for the face, limbs, and spirit. Steam and gentle exfoliation open the pores and begin the treatment that will have your skin refreshed and glowing. Plant concentrates and essential oils are used to engage your senses and improve your feeling of well-being.   Extensive time is spent with massage for face, neck, upper chest, hands, arms, and feet. Increasing the length of the appointment to 90 minutes achieves a superior relaxing experience. Use of hot stones provides deep comfort. This facial is an excellent choice to de-stress and rejuvenate. Offered by aestheticians Lyn, Meredith, Kelly and Kristy. 60 or 90 minutes | $125 or $170
Experience the comforting warmth of this treatment that softens the skin and allows for easier extractions and pore-cleansing without the use of steam. Individually prescribed gel is massaged into the face to deeply penetrate and treat, ridding the skin of excess oil and toxins. A pleasant, mild galvanic current provides maximal benefit from the positively-charged, plant-based Guinot products used in the facial. The treatment’s oxygenation increases circulation, energizing skin cells and encouraging the elimination of toxins. A customized masque of plant concentrates will address your skin’s specific condition(s). Enjoy a relaxing, soothing massage with essential oils on the face, neck and upper chest to increase lymph drainage, improve facial muscle tone and contours, and ease tension. The complexion clearer and radiant. Excellent for clients experiencing many clogged pores or acne, teens, and those with mature or sensitive skin. 60 minutes | $150
Our regenerating, luxurious facial targets the signs of aging: wrinkles and fines lines on face, neck and chest; loss of firmness; lack of radiance. Concentrated biologically active ingredients combine with extensive massage - techniques provide lymphatic drainage, contour jawline and cheeks, and lift the eye area. Hyaluronic acid and DNA-enriched serums penetrate deep down into the skin and also work to plump facial lines. Collagen masks for face and décolleté help to restore the skin's elasticity and firmness.  The result is an improved complexion and more contoured facial features.  To maintain results, we recommend monthly treatments. This specialty facial is offered by Lyn, Meredith, and Kristy. 80 minutes | $205

HydraFacial is a well loved, renowned treatment that deeply cleanses, exfoliates with a glycolic peel, extracts blackheads, and hydrates the skin using antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. 30 minutes | $195. Combine this treatment with our Signature Rejuvenating Facial. 90 minutes |$275

Customize and enhance your benefits by adding Blue or Red Light Therapies and Booster Serums to brighten, minimize lines, and/or infuse growth factors to restore healthy skin. $335

This facial provides immediate results by combining an advanced diamond-tip device with powerful, clinical products. Skin is gently resurfaced with Diamond Glow (SilkPeel), leaving it radiant and smooth while also allowing for deeper penetration of products. Pharmaceutical grade iS CLINICAL products are incorporated into the treatment and customized to your individual skin type. The result is firm and glowing skin. 70 minutes | $230 or 30 minutes without a facial | $165

The Vital Lift Facial is an advanced, aesthetician-performed treatment for muscle-toning and lifting of the face and neck. Our upgraded Guinot technology works to define facial contours and provide lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and reduce puffiness. In addition, the stimulating micro current improves circulation - cellular activity is increased as the cells become more oxygenated and energized.  After one treatment, a lifting of the face is visible along with a more radiant complexion. 

Prior to treatment, please inform your aesthetician if:

·         You wear contact lenses or hearing aids

·         You are planning to keep your jewelry on

·         You have had recent cosmetic treatments

·         Your medical history has changed

30 minutes as a stand-alone treatment. 90 minutes when included with a facial.   We recommend a course of three to six treatments, over a three to six week period, with results lasting for up to six months.  Monthly treatments thereafter will maintain your results. 30 minutes, $150 or 90 minutes, $230 with a facial.

Browse our additional aesthetician-performed facial treatments than can be schedule alone or added to a facial