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Doreen Schuett RN, BSN Discusses Our Liquid Facelift

The Liquid Facelift is an exciting procedure that allows us to rejuvenate the face in a non-invasive manner using injectable products well accepted by the body.

As we age, we naturally lose the youthful contours in our face. Due to fat loss, our skin loses its elasticity and suppleness, our facial muscles diminish in size, and our bones become osteo poretic.

Volume loss in the upper part of the face can influence changes in other facial compartments. Suddenly we notice a flattening of the cheeks and a greater amount of laxity around the folds of the mouth and jaw line. The shape of the eye and surrounding bone can have such changes from this volume loss, such that one looks very fatigued.

Surgical intervention is often recommended to alleviate this problem. In some cases, an invasive approach will optimize the outcome for a face with severe laxity. However, that is not the average client we see who fears that surgery will give them an over corrected, tight looking appearance.

The Liquid Facelift allows us to replace lost volume and to support and lift the face. The results are very natural looking and clients have little to no downtime. Your result is ultimately a rejuvenated appearance.

At Signature Medical Spa we keep the overall facial aesthetic in mind. As we look at the face, we are not looking at lines and wrinkles to fill, but look at building a support structure needed to correct the flattened face and sagging lower portion. By adding volume to sagging cheeks we see that the mid portion of the face is lifted and folds around the mouth, such as smile lines, are gently corrected and your jawline better defined.

The results of using injectable products such as fillers, volumizers, and neuromodulators (Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport®) in the appropriate combination can approach and even surpass surgical treatments. Best of all, the Liquid Facelift can be accomplished in about an hour, with little discomfort and minimal downtime!

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