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Mission to Give: The Faison Center

This month, our practice made a $250 donation to the Faison Center.

The Faison Center, located in Richmond, Virginia, is a non-profit educational and treatment center serving individuals and families impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. From diagnosis to adulthood, people are respected, loved and cared for by experts in the field of autism employing only the best methods and techniques.

The Faison Center began in 1999 and are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. At the moment, they are serving 176 clients from 36 jurisdictions. The students come from near and far. Due to their teaching method of Applied Behavior Analysis, they have a staff of 302 amazing people.

The Faison Center gives children and adults with autism and related challenges the best opportunity to live rich and fulfilling lives. The Faison Center's unique life-span model provides Central Virginia with its primary source of world class services for those with autism and their families. From early intervention to adult care, they are committed to improving the lives of the individuals they serve.

The Faison Center offers a unique, three-pronged approach using evidence-based treatment, research, and community education to give individuals the tools needed to improve their life’s journey. Programs cover a person’s entire lifespan, starting at 16 months and continuing into adulthood, including day school services, clinical services, summer and adult residential and day programs. The Faison Center’s approach seeks to assist individuals, their family, and all who have an impact on their life.


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