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“How Long Will My Results Last?” by Linda Pitt

When I am asked by my clients why they need to complete a series of treatments, I always explain using the following analogy:

Are there any benefits of going to the gym once to work out? Most people say “no,” but the answer is yes. You will have increased blood flow and heart rate, giving you cardio vascular benefits. However, will you see change or long lasting results? No.

The same goes for most cosmetic procedures. There are benefits to having one treatment and you will see some improvements, but if you want to have visible, long lasting results then you will need to complete a series of treatments. Of course, there are some corrective procedures that you only need one treatment to see really good results, but even these will require maintenance.

Most non-invasive procedures are accumulative, meaning the benefits are gradual and build overtime. The number of treatments in a series may vary depending on each individual. All of our plans are customized to our client’s needs, desires, and timeline.

When clients ask me how long their results will last, I use the same analogy:

If you went to the gym and got the best body that you have ever had, how long would it last if you stopped working out? It would depend on age, lifestyle and genetics. It would not be the same for you as it is for me. Even if you aren’t going to the gym as often, it is best to maintain a regular workout schedule to stay in shape.

On that same note, clients who have regular treatments will have longer lasting results than those who only have treatments on occasion. If you went to the gym and did a very strenuous workout but only went occasionally, you would not achieve the same lasting results as someone who does a regular but less aggressive routine.

It is important to stress that individual results may vary. However, my rule of thumb is once you have reached your desired baseline, plan on doing at least one procedure a season for maintenance if possible. Lastly, it is still better to do something, rather than nothing. As I said in the beginning, even going to the gym once will benefit you!

- Linda Pitt, Lead Master Aesthetician


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