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Benefits of Purchasing Skincare at Signature Medical Spa

With so many skincare and sunscreen products available to you at many stores and online sources, it is challenging to make wise selections. You want to know that you are using the best products: those that produce results.

Several factors contribute to what will work the best. Let us take some of the guess work from you!

Top reasons to purchase your skincare from our dermatologists’ medical spa:

  1. Results oriented – Our products are science-based with clinically proven results, as opposed to cosmetic-grade skincare products that you might find at your local drug store.

  2. Pharmaceuticals vs Cosmeceuticals – Cosmeceuticals are not FDA regulated like pharmaceutical ingredients are. We can ensure our products have the highest quality ingredients.

  3. Dermatologist approved – Our products are hand selected by our team of skin care experts and by Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Bonnie Straka.

  4. Proper storage – Many product ingredients, including vitamin C, are temperature sensitive. During the summer months we have these products shipped overnight to ensure that they stay stable and maintain efficacy. As a smaller business, we do not require large warehouses to store our products. Products are purchased on a monthly basis and on demand.

  5. Direct from manufacturer – We only purchase products directly from the manufacturer. Surprisingly, approximately 1/3 of products available online may not be genuine.

  6. Expertise – a knowledgeable, friendly staff member is happy to answer questions and help you with your product selections. We can schedule a specific consultation if desired.

Just stop in, call us, or schedule a product consultation today for your customized skincare needs.

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