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5 Years On - by Linda Pitt, LME

In 2018 after a routine mammogram I received the life changing news that I had breast cancer.

After an aggressive regime of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, more chemotherapy (just to be safe), plus five years of office visits, tests, and check ups, I have just been given the all clear - a clean bill of health!

I have officially been kicked out of the cancer care center.

That is one club I am happy to loose my membership to...

My oncologist told me from the beginning that I had a rare aggressive cancer and that we were going to hit back with everything, in hopes that I would not have a reoccurrence. I loved her approach and immediately felt confident. I trusted that I was in good hands.

I am so grateful to live in a town where there is access to such wonderful health care. The Martha Jefferson Cancer Care Center was always so welcoming and supportive. If you are going through something like this, it is the best place to do it.

I am also so grateful for the love and support of my family, my work family, friends, and the many patients who supported me with love and encouragement during my journey. I never felt alone and I was lifted by the strength of those around me.

I created this blog originally to keep well-wishers informed and then as a way of sharing my thoughts and experiences in hopes that it might encourage others. I understand that everyone’s journey is their own, and no two are alike. Still, my hope is that in writing this blog and sharing mine, that it helps others who are going through cancer or other health issues. I hope that they will take away something positive

Thank you for everything!!


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