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coolsculpting®: 2 days post treatment

During our "Fat Tuesday" Open House on February 9, our Practice Manager, Anne Putnam, gave us a glimpse into what having a coolsculpting® treatment is like. coolsculpting® is a revolutionary non-surgical contouring treatment that freezes stubborn fat, which then is naturally eliminated from your body.

Now two days post treatment, Anne is already looking forward to round 2 in 6 weeks! Read more about her experience below:

Day 1: Post coolsculpting® Treatment

Briefly to describe my experience, the protective gel pads were the “cold” part. I described it was taking a wet washcloth out of the freezer and putting it on your skin- you yell, “WHOA, THAT’S COLD!!!” The initial placement of the apparatus feels like a pinching. It subsides quickly. My tummy was bright red when unhooked from the machine. Within a few hours, the red had turned to pink. I took some ibuprofen when I got home and again before I went to bed. Today, I just feel like I’d done 1,000 sit-ups yesterday. Otherwise, I feel great!!!

Day 2: Post coolsculpting® Treatment

I feel really good, more like I did 500 sit-ups yesterday, down from a thousand the day before. Tummy is bloated. Coloring is normal. The skin has a strange sensation to the touch. Again, not painful, just strange and I’m struggling for the right words to describe it. I took 600 mg. of ibuprofen three times yesterday, prophylactically. Dr. Derdeyn has given me Lidocaine patches (just in case), but I’ve had no reason to use them. Linda checked in on me yesterday and we’re planning for round two in 6 weeks!

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