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No Underarm Sweat, No Worries!

College final presentations and job interviews are daunting tasks to begin with, without having to worry about unsightly and odorous underarm sweat. I often felt nervous and unprofessional, terrified that the sweat stains on my shirt would be seen as a sign of lacking confidence in myself to peers, professors, and future employers. So, when I heard about the MiraDry I was immediately interested.

The procedure itself was quick, relatively painless, and I had little to no downtime afterwards. I immediately saw improvements in my sweating the very next day, as well as added smoothness and hair reduction under my arms. Now, my anxiety around wearing silk blouses and raising my arms is completely gone.

With MiraDry, I was able to gain that extra level of confidence and peace of mind I needed to excel in everyday life as well as in those extra stressful moments.

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