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Transformation Tuesday: Fraxel® DUAL

This treatment improves:

  • Pigmentation - freckles, age spots, sun damage

  • Texture - wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough skin, and actinic keratosis

  • Scars - acne scars and surgical scars

  • Skin Laxity - subtly builds collagen in response to the laser thermal effects


The Fraxel® DUAL is actually a platform for two separate lasers – the Fraxel® Restore Erbium (1550 wavelength often used in a series) which treats acne scars, age spots, melasma and wrinkles around the eyes, and the newer Thulium (1927 wavelength) which reduces actinic keratosis lesions by an average of 83% and dramatically repairs sun-damaged skin in one to two treatments.

Fraxel® Thulium is used not only on the face but on many areas of the body. We can treat a variety of conditions all over the body to improve skin appearance on chest, arms, hands, upper back and legs.

Cost: $900-$1800

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