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My miraDry Experience


The thought of being able to wear long sleeve shirts, silk and white without the embarrassing stains was enough for me to make the decision to do the treatment. I am a mom and a wife so I was concerned with the downtime and how it would affect my everyday life, but I was pleasantly surprised with how manageable the treatment was!

Preparing for the treatment:

First, don’t shave your armpits before the procedure. You don’t want the area too raw with any nicks. Secondly, don’t wear deodorant on the day of the treatment or a few days after. Other than that, there's not much preparation needed.

During the treatment:

During the treatment, expect four small injections which numb the underarm area.This allows for the other few injections to be administrated comfortably. Once the area is numb, the heating of the

sweat glands starts. I didn’t feel any pain, just pressure. Once the procedure was done, my arm pits were swollen and numb, but manageable.

After the treatment:

The only downtime I had was during the first night after my treatment. I had trouble sleeping due to the swollen areas in my arm pits. By the morning and a few ibuprofen later, I was perfectly fine, pain wise. I was still swollen and could feel a small golf ball size bump in my arm pit. I continued to ice both arms and I noticed by day two most of the swelling had gone down. Some swelling had migrated to my breast area (which could be perceived as a plus) but the swelling migration is normal, especially for a person of my size and weight (5’2” 108lbs.)

Overall my miraDry experience was well worth it. I have a sense of confidence knowing I can wear silk, pastels and a white shirt without having my embarrassing sweat stains. The amazing part is I’m not sweating at all in my arm pits, it’s only been a few days after my treatment and I’m dry! Mira dry.

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