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From My Lips to Yours

People often ask me which cosmetic treatment is my favorite to perform. I quickly respond, “Lip enhancement!”… Yikes! Right?! I know all too well from the look of absolute fear staring back at me when I broach this topic in a cosmetic consultation, that changing one’s lips is exceedingly frightening for two reasons. First, that I am suggesting Angelina Jolie lips for you, and the second being the fear of a needle in the lip…PAIN!

Lips anatomically change just like most things as we age. Often one sees the upper or lower lip, and in some cases both, recede in time. And if you are really lucky, you have starburst lines above and below the lip line. The key to giving someone a change with dermal filler in the lip is to do so in a natural way. My standing mantra is “less is better.” One’s lips should never enter the room first!

No one wants to look like a different person or be the subject of gossip at the book club. Lips, when done well, can transform the face in a positive way and with the state-of-the-art injectables available for lip augmentation, a natural, non-duck look is the achieved result.

With any injectable product, pain management is crucial and managed well at SMS with numbing cream and anesthetic in the product. Fear of pain should never be a factor for not doing a treatment. A client’s fear factor for any cosmetic procedure should always be considered and talked through prior to doing a cosmetic treatment, as it is an integral part of a practitioner’s approach to your care.

So, as we approach spring, the season for renewal, take time for a lip filler consult and be prepared to buy new lipstick, preferably tulip red!

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