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Who are the Skin Experts?

I had the pleasure of attending a medical conference in December on the west coast. Practitioners from all around the country were there to learn about the current trends and treatment modalities in this exciting field of cosmetic dermatology. I was thrilled to learn that Signature Medical Spa remains on the cutting edge of treatments and technologies being offered across the country for face and body rejuvenation. Why go to California when it’s all here in your own backyard! My realization however, is that dermatology practices are not being fully utilized for their expertise when it comes to skincare products.

The average consumer is getting advice from places such as Ulta, Sephora, department stores, and the infamous “Dr. Google.” The perceived value of meeting one on one with a licensed aesthetician, nurse, or dermatologist may have diminished over time. With the skin being the largest organ of the body, why are we not putting its care in the hands of true experts?

A proper skin care regimen should not be a science experiment, nor does it have to cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes, the most important skin care products aren’t the most expensive or well-advertised. Sunscreen plays a crucial role in skin health and sadly, it is too often left out. Not only does sunscreen have remarkable anti-aging benefits, but it also significantly lowers the risk of getting skin cancer. Impressive stuff, right?

Our advice: start with a simple plan that evolves as your skin changes over the years. And we cannot emphasize this enough- quality over quantity! Our individual approach to treatment choices is as unique as each client’s skin issue. Schedule an appointment with an aesthetician to be sure the right products are being used correctly for you.

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