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Why I got Botox in my 20's

Many have given me the dreaded lecture, “You’re too young! You don’t even have any wrinkles yet.” Or the investigative stare, trying to notice some unnatural change in my face. Then there’s the classic outburst of laughter, as if I have completely lost my mind. I anticipate everyone’s reaction the first time I tell them I’ve tried Botox. Very few have yielded a positive response. And like clockwork, I give my routine counter defense hoping to somewhat sway their misconceptions about such a minor beauty treatment. Why is it that we have such a negative outlook on Botox? I’ll say it again, yes I have Botox. Yes, I am only 23. And yes, after a crippling 12 units of Botox in my forehead, I am still ME!

I have to be honest; I have always considered myself a relatively open-minded person. I love trying new food, traveling, and my friends can always expect a non-judgmental response out of me no matter how shameful their confession. But like many people, aging was the furthest thing from my mind in my 20’s and never did I imagine having Botox! What I now realize is how misinformation can really negatively impact your viewpoint.

Although I wouldn’t consider myself an “expert” in the field of cosmetic dermatology, I’ve been able to debunk several myths of my own since I’ve become more open to the subject.

1. When people say, “He/she has way too much Botox”- in most cases, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. These horror stories we’ve been told usually involve some botched plastic surgery job like a facelift gone wrong. We throw around the term “Botox” far too often without digging deeper to know the true reason behind the mishap.

2. Your face will NOT be completely frozen. A little goes a long way. Skilled providers will prevent the wrinkles from forming and still allow you to have full facial expressions.

3. Age 20-30 is not too young to start Botox. In fact, relaxing the muscles in your forehead (and other areas of your face) before wrinkles have even had the chance to form is a great preventative measure. Of course, it’s up to personal preference. Just remember- it’s a lot easier to prevent than it is to repair!

4. Botox is NOT permanent. Actually, Botox lasts only 3-6 months. If you hate it after you’ve tried it for your first time, rest assured it will wear off one day and it will be like you never even had it.

Lastly, the myth that bothers me most of all is that once you’ve had Botox, or any injectable for that matter, suddenly you are considered fake. The truth is, if I never mentioned to anybody about my treatment I’m positive no one would have even noticed! It was subtle enough not to alter my appearance, but still did the trick! I’ve taken my first big step to combat aging and have nothing to hide.

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