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New Fraxel Re:pair Procedures: The Laser Eye/ Neck Lift

The Laser Eye Lift and Laser Neck Lift are non-surgical, specialized Fraxel re:pair procedures offered by dermatologists Bonnie Straka and Amalie Derdeyn at

Signature Medical Spa. Treatments provide lift & rejuvenation to the targeted areas, without surgery or extensive downtime. 1 to 2 treatments are recommended for the optimal restoration of the eyes &/or neck. Dermatologists can also treat the whole face, within the same appointment, as desired. The acquisition of new technology combined with leading edge techniques has made these new offerings possible.


Benefits include skin tightening, improved skin texture & tone, reduced brown spots and collagen stimulation. The Laser Lift procedures deliver lasting results in 1 to 2 treatments and may be repeated annually or after a few years.


Clients are counseled to expect one week of social downtime, although fewer days are possible depending on treatment. The dermatologists will consult with you about your specific expectations.

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