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Hair thinning and loss is a complicated issue influenced by numerous medical, hereditary and psychosocial factors. Determining your specific diagnosis by a medical professional specializing in dermatology is the first step. An initial diagnosis is often covered under your insurance medically at Albemarle Dermatology Associates, and may require a biopsy or lab work.

A diagnosis of androgenic or "hereditary" thinning is no longer covered by insurance and is considered cosmetic. There are numerous treatment options, including medication, nutraceuticals and regenerative medicine that have shown to slow the progression and regenerate hair in some individuals. The cost is $150 per visit and may require follow up visits every 6 months to 1 year depending on treatment. Treatment costs vary.

Whether medical or cosmetic, all treatment should be customized to the individuals preference and needs. Treatments carry different benefits and risks that should be fully explored with your provider prior to initiating.

Treatments for thinning hair available at Albemarle Dermatology include:


Start by scheduling a consultation with one of our providers at Albemarle Dermatology Associates to determine your customized treatment plan.

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