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"I just love Kelly... She has given me the most loving and peaceful facials of my life!"

- Anonymous

"Everyone at SMS has such a wonderful way of making clients feel at ease. Every part of the procedure is handled with care and consideration for the patient. Procedures have great results! Thank you, SMS!"

- Barb Fuhrman, client




"Just left my skin analysis and dermaplaning appointment with Paige and it was amazing. Having combination skin can be tricky but Paige explained so many treatments/ products to help. She was so sweet to walk me through the dermaplaning since this was my first and my skin is so soft now I can’t wait to do it again!"

- Makenzie Taylor, client


"This visit was outstanding, informative, and professional. I look forward to moving ahead with the best skin care possible."

- Anonymous


"It's always an 'at the level' experience at Signature. The vibe is warm, yet sophisticated. The service is extraordinary. Lyn Chang is so talented. Merci!"

- Anthea Manny, client

"I love you guys, and a big shout out to Leigh and Cindy for making my always exhausted mom face look glorious these days!! "

- Anonymous



"Linda Pitt is great! Please see her for any & all consultations/exams. 
Ivy is really thoughtful & a wonderful medical assistant. Thank you!!"

- Loyal client of 15 years

"Excellent & fun! Have been a client for years and can’t say enough great things about this organization. Everyone is top-notch in her field and truly cares about providing a great experience. And special shout-out to Leigh! Love her care! Awesome."

- Anonymous



"I am a long time client of Signature Medical Spa and Albermarle Dermatology. Leigh is my aesthetician whom I absolutely love! The entire staff are friendly, welcoming, warm and professional. I trust all of my skin care (facials, peels, fillers, products and more) will always be top notch here. I am a client for life. You all are the best !!!!"

- Terri Frakes, loyal client

"I had my first Radiesse injection (cheeks and nasal labial) appt ever yesterday. I was really nervous and anxious. I have to say, that I am amazed at how comfortable Doreen made me and the results are awesome. After the swelling went down (and that didn't take long, 24 hours) I can see how natural and subtle, yet effective, the results are. She did a fantastic job and 24 hours later I have barely any swelling and the only "bruise" you can see is at a couple needle entry points. It is barely noticeable, don't even need any cover up. She's talented for sure! :)"

- Anonymous

"Signature Medical Spa is hands down the best place to get cosmetic procedures done. The providers here are so intelligent and listen to your wants/needs. I feel so comfortable here! We all deserve to age gracefully!"

- Anonymous

"I have had sensitive skin and adult acne most of my life, and have always kept regular appointments with local estheticians. Last summer, I was sent to Charlottesville for a work assignment. While there, I went to Signature Spa for skin care and met Lyn Chang. Lyn's facial treatment was by far the best skin care I've ever received! I'm now living south of Roanoke, VA, and travel over 2-1/2 hours every 4-6 weeks for regular facials with Lyn. She is well worth the time and travel! (And everyone that I've met at Signature Spa has been warm, friendly, and helpful. It's a great place, overall.)"

- Mary Anne D.

"Kelly is always so bright, engaging, and makes me feel comfortable. Love going to her!" - 2021 Laser Hair Removal client

"The staff was professional, allayed my fears, explained the procedures and answered my questions.
Linda helped my rosacea and my self confidence!" - Client of Lead Master Aesthetician, Linda Pitt


"Dr. Straka is simply the best dermatologist. She is extremely capable, knowledgeable, patient oriented, and caring. You are in the best of hands with Dr. Straka." – Fraxel Client of Dr. Straka

"Rhonda and Dr Straka are very caring and on top things! Thank you." - Client of Dr. Straka

“Best lips ever!!!!” – Client and Mother of the Bride-to-be, after her daughter’s lips were treated with a filler-volumizer by Dr. Straka





“Thank you Alison for being so friendly and caring on the phone and BIG thanks to Meredith for helping me!! You guys ROCK!! Really everyone I have met has been very caring, professional and friendly!” – Mary Wolfe, Loyal Client


“Thank you so much! I had the best experience! You ladies are incredible! The (waxing) barely hurt! I will be seeing Signature Medical Spa again! Greatest service ever!” – New Client


“Linda, you are a jewel. Honestly, such a comfortable person to have & trust with questions for my facial care.  Besides trusting your are easy to communicate with and ask questions.  Thank you.” – Out of State Client


“I will always be coming to you….I love you guys!” – 59 year old Coolsculpting® Client


“I wanted you to know what an absolutely wonderful job you did. Besides the fact that there wasn't much swelling or pain, now that a week has gone by the results were absolutely perfect, just what I was looking for. The lines are softer and I'm not self-conscious about them anymore, but the results are natural so people have no clue that I had the injections. Thank you for your incredibly artistic work, I really appreciate it. I'll be seeing you in the future.” – Male client


“My Coolsculpting® experience was very positive and I am very pleased with my results. I was able to see a difference in just a few weeks. I would recommend the process and am planning on doing it again at some point in the future.” – Coolsculpting® Client


“Did you know I come to Linda every four weeks? She keeps my skin healthy. She's amazing and I love spending time with her.” – Loyal Client of Linda since 2005


“18 years of skin issues, many years of spending money on products that made things worse, one consultation with Dr. Straka, two excellent facials, equal one very happy, clear skin woman. This is one of the best skin treatment spas in the state. Thank you so much!” – Loyal Client


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me! It was, and is, exactly what I needed. My face looks renewed and refreshed... And, thanks to you I am feeling better!” – Local Client


“That was THE BEST facial I have ever had. Thank You!!” – Facial Client of Meredith


“(My treatment) was incredibly amazing… Loved Meredith! This was my first time here and I'm telling all my friends!” – Local Client


“I know that there is no need for a testimonial about Doreen since she is busier than one person could ever be, and will never lack for clients. However, such a rare and remarkable woman should be recognized. Doreen is that rare human being who is gifted, capable, smart, creative, kind and devoted- all at the same time. She is the quintessential gifted professional who is also a profoundly caring and compassionate human being. When you meet Doreen you know right away you are in good hands. In my situation, Doreen honored my nervousness and sensitivity from the get go. Over the course of our years of work she has always worked from the consideration of my needs and kept the aesthetic goals in mind. She has used her creative gifts to find a way to achieve the desired results without railroading me into work I was not prepared to withstand. When Doreen takes my chin in hand and looks at my face I trust her evaluation of what is needed 100 percent. I know she is never trying to sell me a procedure or do unneeded work. I know she is always considering what is best for all of me, and the best way to achieve it. Being in Doreen’s presence is a true gift. And that is saying a lot when our interactions involve physical discomfort! I leave each time feeling blessed. Everyone at Signature Medical Spa is kind and considerate of the needs of all of us nutty ladies. It is a very special place. But I just had to give a shout out in celebration of Doreen. While I know you don’t need testimonials, if there are ever prospective clients who are on the fence- I am always available to share my trust and confidence in the services offered.” – Loyal Client of Doreen Schuett, RN, BSN


“My Melanage Mini Peel turned out GREAT - definitely getting another one! Linda is so knowledgeable. I trust her completely! Thank you!!” – Posted on Facebook, Linda Amara


“Love seeing Linda – she makes me feel younger!” – 66 year old Facial Client


“I would like to share that my facial was absolutely wonderful!  So wonderful I decided to give my 11 year old this special experience too.  She was there last evening and has still not stopped talking about her experience.” – 11 year old Facial Client


“I've had facials all over the world but when you go to Lyn you know you've found the best. She has a nurturing soul.” – Client of Lyn Chang


“Wanted you to know that people are telling me now how good I the past they were always finding fault. They cannot find fault now! Wow, wow, wow...I feel great and I also think I look good. Thank you for the service you have given me.” – 58 year old Loyal Client and Friend


“Meredith totally de-stressed me. It was phenomenal!  She is such a wonderful and gifted person, I can’t say enough, and I will definitely come back.” – 55 year old Client, first time getting a Facial!


“I have been going to Linda for my skincare treatments for quite a while and they are amazing. Linda takes time to tailor treatments to your specific skincare needs and I am always super happy with the results. I love this place so much that even though I have recently relocated to Tennessee, I will wait until I come back to VA every few months for treatments here because I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with my skin!” – Posted on Facebook, Allie Tackett


“What a wonderful way to start the day! Every woman should do this, and every woman deserves this! I just love Lyn, she's the best." – Client of Lyn Chang


“This was the best facial I have ever had. Lyn exceeded my expectations...just wonderful!" – Client of Lyn Chang


“I’ve been all over the world, to five star hotels and international spas, and nobody comes close to Lyn Chang. She’s very special. She’s unbelievable!” – Local Client of Lyn Chang and Frequent Traveler


“I feel renewed every time I come here. People are always telling me that my face looks great. Doreen is an artist and a genius!” – Patricia, Loyal Client since 2011


“It was great to see everyone today! I appreciate the friendly and accommodating environment you've created for your clients.” – Loyal Client since 2014


“You give outstanding service to us, as African Americans. And as far as products go, I am very pleased. I give Signature Medical Spa 5 stars!!” – Loyal Client of 11 years


"Meredith is divine. Coming to her for my facial is the best day of the month.” – 55 year old loyal client since 2013


“No tenderness under arms. Still a little swollen and some redness, but haven’t needed to use a deodorant yet!” – miraDry Client 3 days Post-treatment

“I hope that this gives you some idea of my recovery progress. I’ve already spoken with 2 associates that are interested in the procedure. I’ll let you know how that goes. Results were noticeable right away. Even wearing comfortable clothing over the weekend, 2 days after the procedure in 80 degree weather, no visible signs of perspiration at all. Already very pleased with the whole procedure. Wishing that I’d known about this years ago to save all the past anxiety. Can’t thank you enough. Your professional demeanor and friendly manner helped ease my nerves. I would and will recommend you and the practice to others without hesitation." – miraDry Client of Cindy Slawson, RN, BSN

“Meredith's hands are worth their weight in gold!" – Loyal Client of Meredith

“I love coming to Linda, she’s the best thing I do for myself. She makes me feel so pretty" –  70+ year old client since 2005

“An hour with Lyn makes me feel like I had a day at the spa. Lyn doesn’t just touch my face, she touches my soul." – 60+ year old client since 2009

“Go to Signature Medical Spa and you get all the validation you could ever need from great women staff!" – 19 year old waxing and laser hair removal client

I just love coming to you guys, it's like coming home you are all like family to me." – Charlottesville client of 11 years


“That was the best facial I have had in my life, and I have had many facials, all over the country! Leigh is excellent, so professional and dedicated.” – Ramonda Wilber, new client

“Well, you know there is no place like Signature on Earth.” – Charlottesville client of 6 years remarked to her 27 year old New York City-based daughter

“Thank you for lifting my spirit and improving my self-image. It feels like a fresh, new start. I appreciate the expert work that you do.” – Client who established care in 2018 with Doreen

“I have been all over the world and getting facials all my life, including at Canyon Ranch, and Lyn is the best!”

-    HydraFacial client since 2018


"I am just thrilled with this Emsculpt procedure! It works: look at me! I have an Escada skirt in my closet that I wanted to get back into and I thought I never would. I put it on yesterday and I was thrilled!"

-    Established local client



"Every visit is a dream come true! I feel beautiful the moment I walk in the door..."

-    Long-time loyal

"Incredible Work with a Kind Approach. I'm not going to fancy this up like some yelp review. This is my face were talking about here. I had a meltdown on my first appointment and walked out with out receiving any fillers. This is due to some Ptsd from a previous medical treatment. Long story short, this woman was patient. Then, to implicate myself even more, I was 40 minutes late to my second appointment. I received my injections even though I would have understood if she told me to come back. I had no pain during and after. I was extremely fearful and almost in fight or flight through most of the procedure. I assured her this was normal and she worked with me. She took her time and listened to me. My friend that came with me got botox with absolutly stunning results. She has very deep forehead lines and some crows feet. She has a pep in her step from the treatment provided by Jody. Bottom line. Wonderful and safe work from this provider also Wonderful treatment from staff." -    As written on RealSelf

"I had been very nervous to have my Coolsculpting treatment today, but Jill totally calmed me down with a very compassionate, caring human touch … she was sweet, warm and very professional. Such great customer service!"

-    New Coolsculpting client of Jill

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love Signature Medical Spa.  The ladies there are amazing.  I've been working with Linda and both my kids with Leigh and couldn't be happier.  Leigh has gone out of her way to communicate with me via e-mail regarding my kids since I am not there with them when they get treatment."

-    Client since 2014

"I get facials with Meredith and she is the best. I always look forward to the appointment and she does a great job. I always come away feeling relaxed and renewed."

-    Client of Meredith 

"The MiraDry procedure has truly been life changing for my daughter and we are so thankful for you all!"

-    Mom of a 14 year old patient treated in 2019

"I love your spa! Doreen is amazing and Kristy is a brow artist."

-    Staunton client since 2015

"Great experience with thoughtful, highly competent providers."

-    Coolsculpting Client

"Meredith was AMAZING! I’m hooked."

-    Facial Client

"Dr.Straka & Rhonda are wonderful, caring people!"

-    Dr. Straka's Client since 2018

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