Gold Hoop



Our dermatologists repair earlobe tears and deformities. You will once again feel good wearing your favorite pair of earrings!

We charge a $75 consultation fee and the cost for the repair is $450-$750 per ear. Stitches will stay in the earlobe for one week. In most cases, the earlobe can be re-pierced, if desired, six weeks later. Patients are not to wear earrings for six weeks during the healing period. 


NOTE: We do not provide ear piercing services at Albemarle Dermatology Associates or Signature Medical Spa. 


Earlobe repair appointments are scheduled with Dr. Lockman or Dr. Straka in Albemarle Dermatology. 

o    Simple Ear Lobe Repair –  $450.00 per ear
o    Complex Ear Lobe Repair – $750.00 per ear



As we age, our earlobes start to sag and appear to grow longer. This can be even more exaggerated for women after years of wearing earrings. With the use of fillers, our providers can restore earlobes and give them a more youthful appearance.